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Ardes Wood

The handcrafted beauty, where fire and water meet

ARDES WOOD is a collection created through the use of a primordial natural element such as fire. An ancient Japanese age-old technique was taken as model of inspiration, which consisted of burning the surface layer of the cedar wood boards, allowing to make the wooden raw material even more durable.

According to our philosophy of evolution and revolution of each material, we were able to create new chromatic representations by combining metals, color and depth of decoration with the scratches and the imprints created by the living flames.

Today SAPIENS has selected this alternative technique to the common synthetic or chemical process, as it is completely artisanal and sustainable.

Fire, natural element, plays a crucial role in giving longevity characteristics to the wood and, thanks to the high temperature, the humidity inside the planks is cancelled evaporating; therefore the “dried” wood is transformed and stabilized.




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