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The Natural Beauty Of The Meeting Of Technology And Wood

ACCOYA® has a performance incomparable by other types of wood thanks to its production licence, which guarantees stability and makes it free of dimensional anomalies, much higher than any other wood considered to be extremely stable at a botanical level.

The value of this material allows the construction of both flooring and vertical applications and it is possible to implement precise sectioning thanks to the high degree of workability, avoiding the risk of future defects.

SAPIENS has defined ACCOYA® the best wood with technological and sustainable development, allowing the material a long cycle of use even in contact with the ground and in the absence of maintenance.

The treatment through which it is worked is called acetylation, which modifies the molecules of the wood with pure acetic anhydride. This increases its stability and achieves class 1 durability.

In ACCOYA® all the raw materials used are exclusively made in compliance with a rigorous eco-sustainability criterion coming from certified official reforestations able to use a careful, clean and optimal production cycle also for the respect of the compensation of carbon dioxide derived from the cycles industrial that damage the environment.








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