Sapiens Italia

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Driving the Sustainability Revolution in the Natural Design Finishes Sector

In Sapiens®️, sustainability is not just an idea; it’s a concrete and daily commitment. Guided by our awareness of our minimal environmental impact, we are committed to revolutionizing the finishes sector with an innovative approach that harmonizes aesthetics, performance, and respect for nature.

Sustainability in Action

In addition to offering high-quality finishes and exceptional performance, all Sapiens®️ products are designed to reduce environmental impact. We use only natural products and innovative processes with water-based cycles that allow all our wood products to last over time, thereby lowering their carbon footprint and maximizing the preservation of natural timber reserves.

Technological Innovation and
Environmental Respect

As a company, Sapiens®️ is actively committed to building a sustainable production chain, constantly evolving its product range with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality throughout the material’s lifecycle, from production to its transformation into potential biomass, all the way to its disposal.

Accoya®️, welcome to the (green) future.

Accoya products represent the pinnacle of our green philosophy. Through a lengthy series of environmental certifications, this product range represents the best that the timber market can offer today in terms of environmental sustainability.

50-Year Coating Warranty Guarantee
25-Year Ground Contact Warranty Guarantee
Resistant to all types of weather/climates
Highly resistant to biological agents